Wellbeing Day Retreats

For the past 6 years I have been running a meditation and relaxation group in Larkhall and more recently ‘Wellbeing Day Retreats’ from my home or in wellbeing centres.  During these I guide and support people to experience more peace, calm and contentment in their lives. We are often caught up in stories from our pasts and worries about our lives and futures, therefore I teach mindfulness methods and assist people to bring their awareness to their breath and their bodies, which helps to reduce their thinking and worries.  As our minds are very imaginative, I also guide with visualisation, using colour and all the senses, to encourage the experience of beneficial positive feelings and emotions.

Being a therapist with other modalities for stress relief, I may also bring in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help heal some deeper emotional issues and the health-giving, dopamine releasing Laughter Yoga!  Great fun and you will leaving buzzing with energy and feeling happy.   Stretching and mindful movement are interspersed throughout for some activity.

All in all these days give people an opportunity to have some ‘freedom’ from their busy minds and busy lives and to learn some calming coping strategies. Please see below for future dates of my Wellbeing Days and testimonials.

Wellbeing Day Retreat Dates:-

Sunday 13th January 2019//   A day of meditation and stress relief techniques for time-out from your busy lives – South Wraxall Village Hall 10-4.30pm – lunch included @£70

Sunday 10th March 2019//  Learn self-help tool EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for specific stress-relief and experience some meditation for calm and relaxation – South Wraxall Village Hall 10-4.30pm – inc lunch @£80

If you would like to come to a Wellbeing Day or would like me to run one in your village or organisation, please contact me on 07979 648695 or email me at nickyminter@yes-wellbeing.co.uk


“The well-being and mindfulness day which Nicky hosted was absolutely fantastic. The environment was very calm and relaxing, and Nicky made me feel at ease throughout. As someone who struggles to relax and switch off, Nicky really helped me focus on my breathing and stretching to enable me to relax and forget about any worries and stress of every day life. I would thoroughly recommend this course and Nicky was great as an instructor.” JS

“The day retreat was a rare chance to invest in myself. I found the time spent winding down and focussing on being in the present rather than fretting about the future both nourishing and calming. At the end of the day I felt unshackled and realised how exhausted I was from trying to control the uncontrollable.” KB

“Just to say thank you so much for the Well Being day at the beginning of February. It was AMAZING and so good for my head. I hadn’t realised until we started the day quite how tense I was and how knotted my shoulders were but after the breathing, guided visualisation, relaxation and meditation activities throughout the day I felt like a new woman! I felt completely de stressed and my tight neck and shoulders had entirely cleared. I have been using the deep focused breathing and relaxing from my toes up strategies since and am managing to maintain my level of calm so I guess they are strategies for life that will work for me.” CW

“I enjoyed experiencing lots of different types of meditation. Taking the day out just for me helped push my reset button! I felt calm and completely chilled out afterwards! Thank you Nicky!” SB

“Hi Nicky, just to say thank you for a great wellbeing day yesterday – you were so professional and had such a calming influence on me. I’m taking so much away with me and will really try and use the techniques I’ve learnt. Thanks again!” DR

“This was a great relaxation day, offering a beautiful, nurturing and safe space. I loved that we tried quite a few different mindfulness techniques throughout the day, as it then gives everyone an opportunity to find something that works well for them. I personally really liked the laughter yoga as I found it helped release a lot of tension and reminded me to laugh and smile every day!” HD

“Thank you it was a really good day. I felt much more relaxed and open to the world and all life has to offer as a result of your careful guidance through the day.” VB

“I got a lot from the day, enhanced by a great group of women and lunch!” SR

I had a great day and felt very supported and at ease and the group was so lovely. Thank you so much, I will definitely be using the EFT regularly, it was really useful to have it explained and to go through as a group. My levels of negative emotions had certainly reduced by the end of the day and I gained insight and perspective. You are a really clever facilitator, making sure we were all ok at all times, never easy as the groups are very diverse.” MW

“I found the wellness day with Nicky really grounding and calming. The day was well paced and varied and made me consider my own ongoing needs. The food was delicious and the company lovely too. I value Nicky’s knowledge and compassion. Would definitely recommend this for others who want to get back to feeling calm in what’s a busy world.” ST