“It was my first time seeking therapy therefore I was unsure how it would go and if it would help to reduce my anxiety, however Nicky instantly made me feel relaxed and able to share my feelings. Furthermore I am able to apply the techniques Nicky taught me to all aspects of my life.”
BE age 24 2016

“Nicky has been such a great help to me in finding my feet again having gone through a really difficult time of family divorce and having a year out of school.  Using positive affirmations, EFT and many other techniques, Nicky has enabled me to become kinder to myself and breathe when I am having negative and emotional thoughts. Would recommend Nicky to anyone as she has been so amazing for me this year.”
AB age 17 2016

“Having EFT sessions with Nicky has helped me move forward with my life and deal with emotions I have never really dealt with! I felt really comfortable in the sessions, Nicky is immediately very friendly and open, and the sessions have helped me considerably in the way I feel about myself and my outlook on life. Thank you for everything!”
RB 2015

“I have found these sessions very helpful. It was really good to talk things through with Nicky. She is so understanding and perceptive and immediately puts you at ease. Our sessions and the techniques she taught me have made a noticeable difference to my confidence and how I feel about myself. They are also helping me to control my anxiety. Thank you for everything.”
EB Age 19, 2014

“These have been extremely useful sessions, particularly the meditation which helped calm my anxiety and bring me back to reality. I feel 90% better as opposed to where I was. Looking forward to enjoying being carefree again.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“This has helped me to feel better about myself, having someone there to talk to and them to understand and then go and help me deal with the situations better. Feeling more confident with myself has helped social situations as well.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“Coming to these sessions have made me feel more relaxed about how I feel about past events but have also helped me feel motivated for the present and future. They have been very helpful and I’m glad I attended them. Thank you for your help.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“Well when I first started counselling I got impatient and angry, stressed and worried. Whereas now, I feel relaxed and polar opposites of this and I have less urgency feeling to escape and hide in a shell. I am able to deal with the issues more easily than I was before I started.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“I have found these sessions very helpful as I have been able to increase my productivity and overall feeling of self worth using the techniques I have been shown. Thank you.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“Coming to these sessions has relaxed me with my work along with my mitigating circumstances. Any problems and bad memories have been reduced and I’m looking at my work and life more positively now.”
Bath Spa Uni Student 2014

“I initially made contact with Nicky as I had reached a real low point; I was feeling extremely anxious and lacked confidence in myself, especially at work. I have found the sessions with Nicky very effective and it is amazing how quickly they enabled me to feel more relaxed and calm. I am now coping better and feel more in control. The techniques which she has taught me have assisted greatly in dealing with past fears and will enable me to manage any new anxieties in my life. Nicky’s warm and welcoming approach in the sessions helped me feel relaxed and able to fully engage in the sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicky as a therapist.”
NM 2013

“I’m a professional engineer working in a high stress, male dominated, environment where we all ‘just get on with it’. Sometimes that’s just not a long term strategy and we need a little help.
On our first session I was immediately impressed that Nicky offered practical advise such as vitamin supplements (I don’t eat much red meat) and helped me articulate some deep rooted beliefs that had become counter productive to a happy life. Subsequent sessions have helped me learn to relax, prioritise and stop working myself into a gluey mess. Through a combination of techniques Nicky has helped me to help myself.
We invest so much in our homes, going to the gym & holidays. Yet this is without doubt the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for life-long health and happiness! Kind, listening, honest and thoroughly professional; I seriously recommend others to invest an hour and see for themselves. PS. Following Nicky’s support preparing for a job interview; I got the job. Thank you Nicky, for all your help.”
DN 2012

“I have found Skype sessions with Nicky as effective as meeting with her one to one, which we did initially. Nicky is very intuitive and open-minded. I feel safe to explore issues with her that I have previously found too difficult to divulge to another person. This was partly because I did not believe the therapist was able to help. However, the powerful EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques that Nicky uses have finally given me encouragement and hope that I can heal some very destructive old patterns”
LW 2012

“Our 12 year old son visited Nicky at YES wellbeing in September 2012, he has had an eating disorder for many years afraid to try different foods. Nicky was very understanding of our sons condition and he found it very easy and comfortable to talk to Nicky. After 3 sessions his eating habits have completely changed no longer is he afraid to try different food and textures and this is thanks to Nicky’s expertise and knowledge. We would highly recommend Nicky.”
David 2012

“I was on the edge of going to my G.P. for anti-depressants when I saw Nicky’s leaflet in a Surgery and I was extremely surprised about how fast the results were with her. I’m still using her techniques now, but organically, it is not onerous in the slightest as my life is very busy. I seem to have carried my desired outcomes into managing new anxieties in my life and I have come to terms with what is to come very calmly, maybe by not worrying about them.”
WW 2012

“Nicky has really helped me deal with years of built-up stress, if only I’d known about this kind of therapy earlier it would have saved me so much unhappiness.”
Sophie 2011

“Nicky has worked in Ralph Allen School using Emotional Freedom Techniques. The feedback from the students who have experienced EFT is very positive and with the attendance rate high. We only wish that Nicky could still be offering this service at the school as it was very popular and helped young people who were not always able to move on with their lives. We would very much like to be able to offer the service again in the future if funds are available.”
Carole Macdonald Senior Pastoral Manager

“Nicky has really helped me through some tough issues such as anger, guilt, eating issues and even alerting me to allergies that were making me unwell.”
Angela 2010

“I have personally visited Nicky for appointments to help me deal with emotional issues as well as help with overcoming phobias. These sessions have been extremely effective and Nicky’s professional and welcoming manner have ensured that I have felt supported throughout this process.I have recommended Nicky to several friends and family members who have also reported positive and sometimes life changing results often after one or two sessions. Nicky has a commitment to keeping up to date with methods and often attends training courses and learns new ways of working. She works on an individual basis to provide a truly person centred approach to fit in with the individuals needs and wants. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicky as a therapist and believe her sessions offer good value for money and compliment and aid overall emotional wellbeing.”
Anouska Project Manager Druglink Swindon 2009

“I’ve had so many negative emotions I didn’t realise were there prior to these sessions. 20 years accumulated to an unhappy young man. Now after only 4 sessions I feel confident, happy and content with who I am and what I will achieve in my life.”
DH Age 21

“I have found these sessions really helpful and effective as I can use the techniques at home.”
AM Age 21

“It’s been good to talk about things and release my anger.”
AK Age 17

“These sessions have helped me to relax when I’m worried and taught me how to cope with stress. They also made me feel more confident in situations.”
RP Age 16

“I am coping better and feel in control. I feel like I know what to do now and am calmer than I was.”
AM Age 13

“I am more relaxed and in control of my anxiety, which is now not as severe or often.”
ZG age 16

“Nicky quickly and effectively helped me to come to terms with an issue which had been building for 28 years. I can now calmly deal with situations which would have caused me grief and angst before being treated.”

“I was surprised how well this worked for me, it’s been the most effective of all the support I’ve received.”
JG Age 17

“When I came to sessions at first, I didn’t think they’d work. After a few, I have seen a huge improvement how I manage stress, anger and anxiety.”
MO Age 22

“I just wanted to come back to you following our last session, I don’t really know what to say aside from the fact that I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for doing an amazing bit of work (as always) and of course I will keep in touch and recommend you when the occasion arises.”
Angela, 2010

“It has been so much easier to cope with my problems since having sessions with Nicky.”
AW age 14

“I have found these sessions really helpful and effective as I can use the techniques at home.”
AM age 21