Supporting and assisting teenagers to feel calmer, happier and able to cope

teenagersThe pressures of life can become overwhelming for teenagers and a combination of school work, peer pressure, social media, bullying, body image, exam stress and friendship or family problems can affect their ability to cope. Any of these things could lead to anger, isolation, self harm, depression, dropping out, eating disorders and low self esteem. As a parent or carer of teenagers you may well be aware that they are not coping with their lives, but sometimes they are less inclined to talk to their immediate family. It is important that they can discuss their problems with friends, other adults or someone trained in dealing with their specific issues.

Being able to cope and stay calm during these often anxious times can be difficult for them and they can really benefit from having help. Having worked with teenagers at Off the Record, in schools around Bath and at Bath Spa University, I have the skills to support and assist your teenager through this potentially difficult time. Using the gentle easy-to-learn and easy-to-use techniques such as EFT, relaxation methods and positive reframing, I can work with your teenager to help them to feel calmer, happier, more positive and able to cope.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any issue further on 07979 648695 or email me at

Price: Teenagers (age 13-18) £45

Disclaimer: Any methods or suggestions I advise should not be replaced by a visit to your GP for a medical diagnosis and in some circumstances I may recommend this before working with clients.