Welcome to YES Wellbeing- Your Emotional Support and Wellbeing, providing specialist support with stress management and emotional development. I am Nicky Minter, a qualified and registered therapist offering a holistic approach to personal emotion management.

With an extensive background helping children and adults alike, I specialise in working with schools and have 10 years experience supporting private individuals. Additionally, I work with groups and organisations. My aim is to assist in all elements of coping with stress, whether it is from an instance of trauma or due to gradual personal pressures.

My approach is flexible, intuitive and informed, ensuring that everyone receives the correct type of treatment for their personal circumstances. With a proven track record, I am qualified to offer methods such as EFT, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Rebalancing and whilst working with me, I will teach a variety of effective relaxation and wellbeing techniques, enabling increased confidence and control.

Stress is a real life issue and is likely to affect a number of people during their lifetime. Seeking support, uncovering problems and learning how to enjoy life more, is both rewarding and empowering and is accessible to all. Please review my website and learn more about the support that is available and what changes can be made.

Best wishes, Nicky…..