Specialising in helping students cope with the stress of life

YES Wellbeing - Specialising in helping young people release their worries so they can feel more confident and happy

Whether you are looking for assistance with pupils who have anger management or behavioural problems to exam nerves or low self esteem, I have the experience to help them deal with these problems, enabling improved wellbeing and increased participation and achievement in school. For Mindfulness Teaching in Schools please go to MiSP.

The combination of EFT, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation and Visualisation techniques give children positive and effective stress-release methods, which are simple to learn. In my experience students really value these techniques and greatly benefit from having tools and self-help mechanisms to assist them during times of stress and to help them feel in control and empowered. The added advantage is that they can gain relief from their problems without having to voice them.

Qualified in my field, fully CRB checked and having a wealth of experience with 11 to 25 year olds, I specialise in supporting children and young adults in developing their emotional capabilities and minimising their problems.

For the last 3 years I have had the experience of working for the counselling and advice agency in Bath,
Off the Record. I assist clients with various emotional problems ranging from anxiety and panic attacks to eating disorders and self harm. Through their introduction, I spent 6 months in secondary schools around Bath such as: Ralph Allen, Wellsway, Broadlands, Norton Hill, Somervale and St Gregory’s.

I am happy to give a presentation or demonstration of my work and to discuss how to create a support structure for your students, as relevant to their needs. Beneficial results can be achieved working one- to- one or with small groups. Qualified as a MiSP .b Mindfulness teacher, I can offer your students the .b Mindfulness learning. Please see relevant page – MiSP.

Please call me on 07979 648695 or email me at nickyminter@yes-wellbeing.co.uk to discuss my pricing structure and how I can help your school. I can provide you with references, previous outcomes and case studies.