I am forever surprised and amazed by how powerful and life-changing these techniques can be

yes-wellbeing private clientsWHAT IS DISTRESSING YOU?
There may be many reasons why you wake up in the morning and feel that life is a struggle, stressful or out of balance.

It could be that you aren’t happy with your relationships, you keep re-living past events, or maybe you are stressed or angry with work.

Perhaps you have suffered minor or major traumas in your past that have left you feeling overloaded with emotions, or every now and then a button is pressed that creates negative thoughts or feelings.

You could be experiencing flashbacks, bad dreams, traumatic memories, or negative beliefs about yourself.

Maybe you have confidence or self-worth issues, related to past experiences, body image, or you have anxiety about the future. Perhaps you don’t know why you feel stressed, but you just do, and you would benefit from some help.

Discover how YOU CAN release and transform your negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, fears and stresses……. and how harmony and wellbeing is something YOU CAN begin to attain, starting by doing something positive for yourself NOW.…..

Having treated hundreds of clients of all ages over the last 10 years, I offer you a wealth of experience and extensive background in my field. Working from a therapy room in my home near Bradford on Avon, I provide a relaxed, calm and private environment to welcome you and help you address your issues and problems, allowing you to feel happier about yourself and life.

The integrated combination of EFT, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation and Visualisation techniques tangibly address many issues ranging from anger and anxiety to depression and low self esteem. We will work together to release any negative emotions and bring you a sense of calm, confidence, control and empowerment into the way you deal with life’s challenges.

My aim is always to work with you in resolving your problems, to help you through a program, which suits your needs in terms of timeframe and combination of therapies, allowing you to move forward at your own pace, but with very tangible and rapid results. A first treatment may last 1 ½ hours with follow up sessions of 1 hour.

The methods and techniques we use are easy to learn and I will teach you how to use them on your own, allowing you to build the tools and knowledge to support yourself through our sessions, during times of stress and in the future.

Adults – £55
Teenagers (age 13-18) – £45
Children – £40

  • Unable to travel? Home sessions possible
  • Follow up sessions available by Skype if applicable
  • Referral discount available, please ask for details
  • Reduced fee available, please contact for eligibility
  • Book 6 sessions for the price of 5

Please call on 07979 648695 or email me at nickyminter@yes-wellbeing.co.uk if you have any queries or would like a free phone consultation to discover how my treatments can help you.