Specialising in helping children and adults release their worries so they can feel more confident and happy


Having worked with two major organisations, Druglink (Swindon) and Off the Record (Bath), I have extensive experience providing emotional and therapeutic support to children and adults who access or are referred to wellbeing services. I am available to work as a member of your team to compliment the other supportive services you provide.

The beneficial therapies I use with clients are an integrated combination of EFT, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation and Visualisation techniques. My treatments are designed to work with groups or individuals alike, helping to release their emotional issues, teaching them effective techniques in order to deal with stress related to the past, present or future and developing their ability to be emotionally content.

My work for 5 years with Druglink, a drugs rehabilitation centre in Swindon, was varied and challenging. I was assisting a team who were supporting x-addicts in all manner of emotional issues and many of my treatments focused on helping with cravings, relaxation, managing anxiety and building self esteem. Often I was dealing with their past traumas which, once the emotional aspects were released, enabled them to feel relieved, calmer, happier and more confident.

For 3 years I had the experience of working for the counselling and advice agency in Bath, Off the Record. I assisted clients aged 11 to 25 with various emotional problems ranging from anxiety and panic attacks to eating disorders and self harm. Additionally, through their introduction, I spent 6 months in schools around Bath, working one-to-one with students helping to improve their overall wellbeing

Last year I spent 3 months at Bath Spa University assisting students one-to-one with many of the emotional aspects and problems of their life, ranging from work pressure, performance anxiety and family or relationship issues. They reported an increased ability to cope, an improvement in their productivity and their self worth. They found it invaluable having techniques to use to help themselves feel relaxed, in control and more confident. Please see my Testimonial page.

I am happy to give a presentation or demonstration of my work and to discuss how I can be involved within your organisation. Beneficial results can be achieved working one-to-one or with small groups.

Please call me on 07979 648695 or email me at nickyminter@yes-wellbeing.co.uk for my pricing structure and to discuss how I can help your organisation. I can provide you with references, previous outcomes and case studies.