Helping you to find peace within yourselves



Meditation focuses on the breath and as you concentrate on your breath you are guided into relaxation of all the parts of your body. As your body relaxes, the mind follows.

Your mind enters an alpha and theta brainwave level which is a calmer and deeper state of consciousness.

The constant chatter of your thoughts slow down as you accept them and focus on specific breathing techniques, body sensations, visual images or sounds.


  • It is a natural way to gain relief from mind and body stress and disharmony.
  • It helps you to feel calm, balanced, empowered, enlightened, revitalised, invigorated and uplifted.
  • Stress can be the cause of countless emotional and physical symptoms, therefore stress-reduction methods like meditation reduce stress-associated illnesses and diseases.
  • It enhances your immune system, reduces anxiety attacks, lowers blood pressure, increases your ability to cope in stressful situations, reduces pain.
  • It improves your life by allowing you to connect with your creativity and intuition, giving you clarity of your goals and purpose in life.
  • By slowing down your thoughts, switching off the incessant chatter of your mind, you raise your awareness, you connect with your inner self and feel the peace within the present moment.

Eastern Cultures have taught and used Meditation as a tool for wellbeing for many centuries and gradually its benefits are becoming more understood and taught in our stress-ridden Western world. In the past, meditation has been seen as a spiritual practice but we are now understanding the incredible stress-relief advantages of coming into a space of ‘present moment awareness’ as a more secular practice, with scientifically proven benefits for a long list of illnesses, mental or physical.

The practice of Mindfulness meditation has its roots in Buddhism, but is taught and can be practiced in a non-religious way, however maintaining the awareness of kindness and compassion for ourselves and others. Mindfulness meditation simply means ‘bringing one’s attention to the present moment and noticing and allowing any thoughts or feelings to occur without resistance’. The practice of Mindfulness can be challenging due to the nature of our busy minds, however the benefits and peace that can be attained quite quickly are well-worth the practice.

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